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RIP Bently Blake
We will never forget you, Bently!


Aunt Missy

I don't want to believe that you are gone Bently!
Now you are gone to a better place and we miss your love and warm embrace.
You lit up our face like the 4th of July.
Your life ended so quickly and we will never know why.
Days pass by so slowly as tears fall down our cheeks as we gently cry.
In our hearts there will always be a spot for you and our love for you will never be forgotten.
Bently Blake, we love you dearly and we promise you that we will make it through each and every day knowing you are in our hearts.

Aunt Jenny

I remember when I gave you your first hair cut.
You climbed into your mom and dad's bed and you let me trim your long blonde bangs.
You were the sweetest baby.
I love you so much.
I also remember coming home from work and seeing you roll from one sside of the living room to the next.
Cierra was always wanting to carry you around.
She misses you too.


Every time I came to visit my grandson,
he would throw his arms up with a big smile,
open his mouth,
and give me the biggest wettest kiss.
He will always be in my mind and heart.
One day, I will be with him again for one of those special kisses.
Mamaw Loves You Angel

Aunt Angela

I remember when you used to do something wrong,
no matter what it was that you did,
you would just smail so big that I couldn't help but to hug you tight and smile back.
I love you.


Bently was a very special baby.
Every time I saw him, I called him Doctor Bently or Doctor B.
There was something about him that made me think that one day he would be someone important.
I figured if I called him "Doctor" every time I saw him, that one day it would come true.
You life was just beginning and I would do anything to trade my life with yours.
I love you and will always remember you.


Our hearts are tearing for our lose.
Our baby is going to god's cross.
Everyday we will shed a tear,
cause loosing you was our fear.
Never again will our hearts be whole,
but your life has become a part of our soul.
We love you and hope to see you soon.
Your star we will see in the dark near the moon.
Watch over us and bring us home.

Love Diane


We all love you bunches.
You brought a smile to everyone's face.
Don't give God too much trouble.
I am sure he loves having you but we want you too.
You are in good hands now and He will take care of you.
We just want you to be happy and have the same smile up in heaven as you did down here.
You will be kept in our hearts and that is where you will stay.


Bently, I will miss you so much and you will be missed by lots.
Your smile was the best ever.
If I was in a bad mood, I could always see you and be happy again.
I love you and you will always remain in my heart.

Numbers 24:12 (BBE)

Then Balaam said to Balak, Did I not say to the men you sent to me,